Blueberries – The Super Fruit

Jon-Carlo Astorina

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Blueberries – The Super Fruit

Did you know that a study in lab rats showed that the naturally high levels of antioxidants in blueberries may facilitate fat loss? It’s true – but the magic doesn’t stop there. The naturally occurring spectrum of antioxidants in blueberries can also be attributed to brain health, anti-aging and even cancer prevention!

Human tests were also performed to determine the value of the antioxidants in blueberries before and after running exercise. The conclusion of the study found that daily blueberry consumption reduced oxidative stress and increased anti-inflammatory cells.

In just a 100g serving of blueberries, you can expect to receive approximately 57 calories, 0 fat, 1mg sodium, 2.4 grams fiber and 14.5g carbs. 100g will also yield about 16% of your vitamin C.

A lot of bodybuilders tend to stay away from fruit in general, under the misconception that there is no place for fruit in a bodybuilding diet. This is nonsense! Fruits are full of vitamins and minerals necessary for cell growth and a healthy body. In moderation fruit is a detrimental part of any balanced diet. Don’t mind the natural sugars and carb content of fruit. To put your mind at ease Fructose (Fruit Sugar) is low glycemic – a regular serving will not cause an insulin spike and you will not get fat!

I personally consume two servings of fruit per day, both in and out of contest season, up to and including the day of a show. I start my day with 100g of blueberries and I enjoy 2oz banana at dinner. Even on a carb controlled diet these small servings of fruit only account for approximately 15g carbs.


On a bulk or cut, try starting your day this way:


Protein Pancake:


1 scoop Amino Influx

6 egg whites

Mix and fry on a greased pan

Top with 20oz PB and 100g Blueberries





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JC was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He now resides in Bloomington, IL and works as a private detective for a prominaent PI firm out of Chicago. JC studied Criminal Justice at Illinois State University. He is married with four children. Besides his family, JC’s greatest passion in life is bodybuilding and fitness – a hobby he picked up in college.

JC has  been bodybuilding for roughly four years and started competing in 2011. He has a short but impressive competitive resume. To date he has competed in four drug tested bodybuilding competitions, earning his Pro Card at his last competition. He is recognized as a Professional Natural Bodybuilder by the National Gym Association (NGA).


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